Better Productivity & Performance with HPA

Healthcare Performance Analytics [HPA] provides Operational and Clinical Leaders
with a secure web-based platform to access our suite of advanced data analytics solutions.

All Your Healthcare Performance KPIs in a Single Platform

From identifying operating room performance to determining bottom-line saving opportunities through labor and provider productivity management, HPA supports high impact operational performance improvement efforts.

Gaining insight into your organizational performance and identifying potential improvement opportunities is the goal of the analytics platform. By analyzing your raw data and augmenting with our Knowledge Engine, HPA turns your vast amounts of data into actionable information which leads to organizational improvements and competitive advantage.

Labor Analytics Executive Dashboard

Labor Analytics

Labor Analytics is an interactive tool that provides healthcare organizations with ongoing labor and productivity performance monitoring.

  • Track OT/Premium pay
  • Monitor variance from departmental targets
  • Quickly identify areas of focus across entire Health System

provider analytics

Provider Analytics has been designed to allow the review of effort distribution and effectiveness across key areas of physician enterprise performance.

  • Monitor cFTE performance to organization budgets and industry benchmarks
  • Patient access KPIs compared to defined goals (arrival rate, new patient rate, new patient schedule lag, etc.)
  • Financial trends and variances for key KPIs (operating margin, net patient revenue, etc.)
Provider Analytics Executive Dashboard
Perioperative Analytics Dashboard

perioperative analytics

Perioperative Analytics provides organizations the ability to oversee the effectiveness of operating room usage and performance.

  • Monitor case volume, room turnover and utilization, and first case on-time start
  • The trend of utilization compared to room schedules
  • Block holder performance comparisons to evaluate block schedule effectiveness

HPA tailored for every healthcare organization's needs

Built from extensive healthcare and global cross-industry experience, the analytic algorithms enable powerful insights that distinguish from other reporting and visualization tools. This provides an analytic path to facilitate the analysis, management, and strategic planning for your organization.

Modern Visualizations & built-in KPIs

  • Modern interface and visualizations powered by ClicData.
  • Standard Industry KPIs and the ability to set custom targets to track ongoing performance.
  • Pre-built data load ETL to bring all enterprise data together with common reporting definitions.
  • Client interfaces for maintaining crosswalks, solution configurations, and data loads.

Real-time insights & instant alerts

  • HPA provides an analytic path to facilitate the analysis, management, and strategic planning for your organization.
  • You're now able to drill down into every chart and table and easily navigate from overview to detailed reporting.
  • Stay alerted whenever your thresholds are reached to make the right decisions in real-time.

data security & user management

  • Microsoft Azure Gold Partner. The security of your data is our Top priority. That’s why we partnered with Microsoft Azure to store your data securely.
  • Manage your users and roles – only allow users to see what you want them to see; monitor user access activity.
  • HTTPS SSL encrypted in transit; Data encryption at rest.

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