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HPA's Labor Analytics (LA) is an interactive tool that provides healthcare organizations the ability to sustain labor cost improvements through continual performance monitoring, using proven metrics and tools, and customizing for departments’ unique operating parameters and goals.

why are labor performance & productivity analytics important?

Labor is central to operations in healthcare organizations; typically accounting for more than 50% of operating expenses. Individual departmental inefficiencies can have a significant impact on an organization’s productivity, as well as on its expenses.

Labor Analytics measures organizational labor utilization based on care activity/volumes and compared to established targets.
Central to our analytics engine is the use of benchmark standards to customize targets for your unique organizational attributes.

This multi-pronged approach helps accurately determine appropriate staffing needs.

Labor Analytics Executive Dashboard

measure performance against targets

Labor Analytics enables Executives and Managers to systematically collect and analyze data from multiple sources to effectively measure organizational performance against departmental targets. The system is designed to encourage continuous improvement within the organization.

track & improve workforce productivity

Our advanced data visualization tools provide end-users access to data through an easy to understand user interface that is both comprehensive and compelling.  Our Solution provides the ability to easily drill down from a high-level executive view down to detailed individual payroll views.


trending information

Executives and Managers can gain insight and forecast through Labor Analytics trending information empowering them to optimize staffing based on workload requirements.

Performance assessment through KPIs

Labor Analytics combines metrics and indicators providing enhanced insights into Premium Pay, Variance Trends, Patient Days and Overtime usage.

Labor Analytics Productivity Dashboard

faster implementation & higher productivity

We won’t lie, setting up a new system takes work and diligence. We walk you through what is required and provide management tools to systems administrators to move quickly toward implementation.

go beyond labor analytics (LA) with HPA

provider analytics

Better understand physician alignment to individual work effort and goals, as well as organization targets.

perioperative analytics

Apply analytics to the streams of data flowing from the operation room to improve the bottom-line.

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