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HPA's Provider Analytics (PA) allows a detailed review of organizational areas of focus including productivity, patient access, and financial performance, as well as an indication of influencing factors across these areas through cause-effect relationships.

why is provider analytics important in healthcare?

Provider Analytics is critical to managing provider organization performance by tying physician productivity to the health system’s strategic mission, identifying gaps in patient access, and monitoring financial performance.

The Provider Analytics (PA) Solution has been designed to allow the review of effort distribution and effectiveness across key areas of physician enterprise performance.

This provides stakeholders with a visualization tool to better understand alignment to individual work effort and goals, as well as organization targets.

Provider Analytics Executive Dashboard

better & faster decision-making process

Provides physician enterprise and financial managers the ability to see immediate trends and data that will affect Physician performance initiatives.

provider tailored dashboard

HPA provides the ability to send Provider Dashboards via email messaging or on-line views specific to the logged-in Provider.


management insights

Use of a tool such as Provider Analytics is critical to managing physicians as it ties physician productivity to a strategic mission, identifies gaps in patient access, and monitors financial performance with straight-forward reports that can be enhanced over time.

enterprise to provider level reporting

Whether you need high-level metrics or need to dig into the nitty-gritty, PA has you covered with our ability to provide varying levels of organizational reporting based on the customers desired reporting hierarchy.

Provider Analytics Productivity Explorer

Bring Your wRVU Benchmark and Budget

Your raw data is augmented with comparative targets based on industry-standard benchmarks and budgets provided by you, the customer. The data, benchmarks, goal setting, and algorithms combine to provide robust tracking and trending of physician productivity, patient access, and financial performance.

go beyond provider analytics (pA) with HPA

labor analytics

Determine bottom-line saving opportunities
through labor management.

perioperative analytics

Apply analytics to the streams of data flowing from the operation room to improve the bottom-line.

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